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Kangaroo filled cow hooves
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The cow hooves dog treats are made from 100% Australian cows and filled by us at 4Pawz with human grade kangaroo meat filling and baked. These are very long lasting tasty treats for all size dogs. These are also great treats for puppies and teething puppies.

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Kangaroo tail bones are quite tough, so they are great for teeth cleaning. The bones are covered with meat, so while your dog is trying to scrape the meat from the bones, they are scraping their teeth clean.  The kangaroo tail pieces are better for smaller dogs or for a smaller treat for bigger dogs.  Suitable for all dogs of all ages.   You can expect a little mess when eaten, so better served outside.  Kangaroo is high in protein and low in fat.

Kangaroo Tail Pieces
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Kangaroo Sternum
 $3.50ea NOW $2.00 ea


Kangaroo sternum is a great treat for small and large dogs and the bones are perfect for keeping their teeth clean.  These are non-weight bearing bones so the bone can be completely eaten by most dogs.  Suitable for all dogs of all ages.  Kangaroo meat is high in protein but low in fat (less than 2% fat).  Dogs with digestive troubles may see improvement switching to this meat since low-fat meats are more easily digested.  Kangaroo treats are also tougher than other treats/meats.

Kangaroo Tail (split)
$6.50ea NOW $5.00ea

Kangaroo tails are very popular and make a great dog treat for medium and larger sized dogs. They are a very large and incredibly long lasting dog treat.

Kangaroo is lean meat and very low in fat, which is a great added bonus to such a large treat.

These treats make great dental chews too. They help maintain healthy teeth and gums hygiene as your dog chews.

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