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Lamb Bones
Small $4.00  NOW $2.50
Large $6.00 NOW $4.50


The lamb bones are dehydrated, 100% Australian with no preservatives. These bones are a great dental treat for large dogs and long lasting. Lamb bones have many health benefits.


Sheep Ears
  $2.00 ea NOW $1.20 ea


Sheep Ears Dog Treats are a great smaller chew for small dogs and puppies. 

Also good for dogs who tend to want to bury pigs ears, they tend to eat these straight away instead, perhaps as they are smaller.

These Ears are softer than Cow Ears treats, so are not too difficult for small dogs to get their teeth around but should still keep them occupied. The perfect dental aid for puppies! Plus, giving them that great relief from teething.


Lamb Loin Bone Pieces
$3.50 ea  NOW $2.00 ea


The lamb loin bone is directly behind the ribs, running down the spine of the lamb, towards the animal's hindquarters.  Great for keeping teeth clean as these are non-weight bearing bones and can be fully eaten by most dogs.  These bones are tougher than poultry bones so last longer and are more challenging to eat.  

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