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Bully Stick
Thin $5.50 ea - small dogs NOW $3.50
Thick  $12.50 ea - large dogs NOW $8.50


These bully stick dog treats are all natural and made from 100% Australian beef.  These  contain no additives, therefore making them a more delicious and healthier treat for your dog.

The thin size is great small small dogs and medium for the larger dogs for a long lasting snack!

They are also very low in fat at around 5%, and also high in protein, vitamins and nutrients making the bully stick an excellent dental chew.

Cow Hooves - large
$ 3.50 ea NOW $2.00 ea


These are very long lasting tasty treats for small to large dogs whereas stronger jaws will find them easier to consume faster. These are also great treats for puppies and teething puppies. They are the perfect texture to chew on and continue chewing for a long period of time.

These treats are high in protein and very lean, with much of the nutritional benefits found in beef. Not to mention, the chewing of the hoof will maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. 



A great tough boneless treat.  A natural treat with the fur still on.  In a natural diet, fur and feathers are the main source of fibre in a dog’s diet.  Just like pig ears, they are mostly cartilage and high in collagen.  A huge hit with most dogs but some dogs need to be enticed to try these as often dogs have never seen fur on their food.  You can break/cut off a small piece for them.  This gives your dog a taste which usually entices them into it.  They are good for teeth cleaning due to the toughness of the cow skin and the fur’s polishing and cleaning abilities.  For all dogs of all ages.

Fur Cow Ear 
$ 7.00 ea NOW $4.50 ea

Brown and White Cow
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