All products are dehydrated, locking in the nutrients & vitamins. Our products are 100% Australian, all natural with no nasties. All sourced from Australian suppliers and some products are made by us! 

To keep sale price low as possible, there is no fancy packaging! All products come in a food grade zip lock pouches with label.               

Please contact us to order.

Postage $8.00. Free postage for orders over $80. Free delivery within 10kms of our location in Brunswick West.

Chicken Breast

100g  $12.00

100% Australian chicken breast. All natural with no nasties. Some chicken jerky products out there contain glycerine that acts as a preservative, sweetener and softener and to add weight to the product. This one you get more bang for your buck and all natural.

A dog & cat's favourite!

Chicken Necks

100g  $8.50


Made by 4Pawz using a dehydrator, these chicken necks are 100% Australian chicken and are the perfect snack for dogs of all sizes.

Containing no additives or sugar. These treats have no pathogens and a long shelf-life compared to raw treats. Easily digested. Perfect for chewing. Plus, they are high in protein, zinc and calcium and help to maintain your dog’s dental health and their bones.

 Beef Liver Treats

100g $8.50


Made by us at 4Pawz,  beef liver treats for dogs are all 100% Australian. These are a single natural ingredient product containing no nasties!

They can be broken up into smaller pieces or given as is, making them a perfect training treat or a quick snack. In addition, the liver is the perfect treat for Puppies as it contains many different vitamins and minerals.

Chicken Wing Tips

100g  $8.50

Made by 4Pawz using a dehydrator, chicken wing tips are a delicious and healthy dog treat for small to large dogs.  These are all-natural and made from 100% Australian chicken, which dogs absolutely love. There are no preservatives or nasty ingredients, just high protein, lean chicken, perfect for keeping your pooch strong. Great teeth cleaners!

Chicken Feet

1 piece $1.00


Made by us at 4Pawz using a dehydrator, our chicken feet are 100% all natural Australian chicken. Great for dental hygiene. Being both high in protein and chondroitin it’s the perfect treat to help inflammation of joints for older dogs.

Can be an entertaining chew for small to medium dogs and the perfect reward treat for larger dogs. These are extremely crunchy too! Chicken feet are completely digestible. As they are dehydrated treats when the bones are chewed they are easily crushed and will not splinter or cause any harm.  

Beef Chew Stick

$5 per piece

Approx. 45cm long


Beef chew stix are long flat tubes of meat with reasonable density making them a great chew for all dog sizes. They give a good crunchy chew with a delicious meat flavour your dogs will go crazy for! They are approx. 45 cm  long and you can cut up into pieces if required.

Moo Tubes

Per Piece $3.00


Long-lasting and perfect for all sized dogs. All natural dog treats made from 100% Australian beef. No nasties and great for dental health. Wind pipes are perfect for filling with other treats your dog will love, such as ground raw meat, cottage cheese, or vegetables.

TIP:  fill the tube with any of the above and place into the freezer give to your pet as a great summer treat!  Approx. 15cm in length.

Bully Stick

Thin $5.50 ea

Medium  $11.50 ea


These bully stick dog treats are all natural and made from 100% Australian beef.  These  contain no additives, therefore making them a more delicious and healthier treat for your dog.

The thin size is great small small dogs and medium for the larger dogs for a long lasting snack!

They are also very low in fat at around 5%, and also high in protein, vitamins and nutrients making the bully stick an excellent dental chew.

Kangaroo filled cow hooves

Small $4.00 ea

Regular $5.00 ea

Large $6.00 ea


The cow hooves dog treats are made from 100% Australian cows and filled with dried kangaroo meat filling.

These are very long lasting tasty treats for all size dogs.

These are also great treats for puppies and teething puppies.

My dog is obsessed with these!

Kangaroo Tail Pieces

$2.00 ea


Kangaroo tail bones are quite tough, so they are great for teeth cleaning. The bones are covered with meat, so while your dog is trying to scrape the meat from the bones, they are scraping their teeth clean.  The kangaroo tail pieces are better for smaller dogs or for a smaller treat for bigger dogs.  Suitable for all dogs of all ages.   You can expect a little mess when eaten, so better served outside.  Kangaroo is high in protein and low in fat.

Pig Ear

$3.00 ea


Pigs Ears are a great boneless chewy treat – they are cartilage and collagen covered with skin.  Pigs Ears are favourites for most dogs and one of the most popular dog treats.  They are also suitable for all dogs of all ages. 

100% Australian product with no nasties.

Pig Trotter 

$6.00 ea


The pig trotters are 100% Australian and contain skin, fat, bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons making them a good all-round treat.  Great for teeth cleaning thanks to the bones and the tough skin, tendons and ligaments.  A great long-lasting treat for big dogs.  

Pilchards regular 80g  $12.00


These are 100% Australian fish. Pilchards are low in fat and high in protein, as well as rich in omega 3s, all of which will help your dog be as strong and healthy as they can be.

They are perfect for all dogs  as well as cats! They are not oily, and they hold their shape reasonably well though they can be fragile.  Pets love the taste and will benefit greatly from the nutrients – no more dull coats or inflammation! 

Pilchards regular  approx. 15cm/ pk 7

Variety Pack

170g $15.00


Not sure which treat to choose for your pet?

How about a variety pack? The pack includes:

Chicken breast 

Chicken wing tips

Chicken necks 

Beef liver 

Beef jerky 

Chicken feet 


Moo tube 

(weights are approx. 20-30g each)

Note: At times we may be out of stock of one of the above products so this will be substituted for another.

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